Bulletin July 24, 2016 (pdf)

Mass Schedule

Pastorate Faith Formation

Christ Our Life Conference
(go to https://youtu.be/P-pv0vIQMeI)

Young Adults in the Pastorate -
Your parishes need you! 

Weekend Mass Schedule

Sat., 7/16/16 - 4:00pm at St Peter, Temple Hill
Sat., 7/16/16 - 5:30pm at St. Matthias, Cascade

Sun., 7/17/16 - 8:00am at St. Matthias, Cascade
Sun., 7/17/16 - 10:00am at St. Matthias, Cascade

Confessions will be heard on Saturdays 20 minutes before the 4:00 Mass and immediately following the 5:30 Mass. 


Pastorate Parishes 

St. Matthias Parish
St. Martin Church, Cascade
Saturday: 5:30pm
Sunday: 8:00 & 10:00am
Sacred Heart, Fillmore
2nd Saturday: 4:00pm -7/9/16, 7/30/16

St. Patrick, Garryowen
1st & 4th Saturday: 4:00pm -7/2/16, 7/23/16

St. Peter, Temple Hill
3rd Saturday: 4:00pm -7/16/16

see bulletin for location when there is a 5th Saturday


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The Witness

Aquin Online Scrip


 Jesus, rightful Advocate of peace, Elegant Champion of reconciliation, Your victories echo harmoniously. You taught me the way towards peace, My assurance of congenial oneness. Teach me to carry the torch of peace, That it may reside within my heart And radiate in my surroundings. Through the Grace of Your power, Transform the world into a Heaven. You are the only hope of mankind: You are the most gracious Peace Maker!


Missionary Priest to speak this weekend: July 16-17

     The Schoenstatt Fathers are part of the International Schoenstatt Movement. Schoenstatt is a renewal movement founded by Father Joseph Kentenich in 1914 in Germany. Several religious and lay communities are part of the Movement. The Schoenstatt Fathers being the youngest with 300 members work in all continents.  Our task is to render priestly service to the movement and to build it up.

     The Indian Schoenstatt Fathers are now in the position to develop several projects to realize their charism within the demands of the country. They have 55 Indian Fathers and 30 seminarians in the different stages of formation. The Schoenstatt Fathers in India aim at developing centers of spiritual renewal, a children's village for deserted and neglected 60 children predominantly girls, and a school for qualified catholic character formation and education. Their 24 tutoring centers help the children continue their school. Their home for boys provides 20 poor children the facility of lodging and quality education. The Schoenstatt Fathers work in parishes; promote faith formation of the youth and families and help reach out the poor and needy participating in the evangelization process of the Church.

     For their social projects and the formation of the seminarians Schoenstatt Fathers of India appeal to your solidarity and ask for your generous support.Fr. John Peter Savarimuthu, a Schoenstatt Father from India will speak in all Holy Masses about their mission activities in India.


The Dynamic Catholic Parish Champion Program July study
giveaway is the book “1001 Reasons Why It’s Great To Be
Catholic!” by Robert M Haddad. After seeing a news report
years ago about the growth of Pentecostalism in Latin
America stating one fiery pastor had a pamphlet at the back
of his church entitled “Twenty-five reasons why you are no
longer Catholic”, Mr. Haddad wanted to produce a
comprehensive and overwhelming response to this report.
This book simply wants to proclaim to the world some of the 
great things about the Catholic Church and Faith. In the age
of the “new evangelization” we should no longer cower
under the relentless attacks against our Church and Faith, but
be willing and able to stand confidently and proclaim loudly
why it’s great to be Catholic! Kerri Takes will be available
after the 5:30 Mass on 7/16 with limited copies of this book.
If you are unable to attend this Mass and would like to
reserve one of these books, please call Kerri at 852-3559.

Please join us for a St. Thomas Aquinas Pastorate Park Party
on Saturday, August 13th following the 5:30 Mass at the Cascade Riverview Park.  Featuring music by community & pastorate musicians.  We will be serving hamburger, hotdogs, chips & lemonade.  Bring your own beverages & chairs. All Community Members are Welcome!  If it rains, it will take place at the American Legion Hall.

The Aquin Education System

Reminder – CCD / RTR Registration: This is a reminder to
families whose children attend public schools – You can
now register for CCD or RTR for the 2016/2017 school
year. Contact Nicole Casey if you would like a covenant 
emailed or if you have any questions at
dbq023ff@dbqarch.org or 852-3601. Registration covenant
 will also be available in the back of St. Matthias  


Just a Reminder:  There is an AED & First Aid Kit in the back of church (the east entrance) in case it is needed!

Baptism Class required.  Next class is Sept. 6, 2016.  Contact Ray & Carol Noonan at 852-3181 to register for the class.

Aquin Little Angels is hiring for full & part-time positions, call Jenny Recker at 852-7020 if interested.

Wednesday morning Word & Communion Services

The 8:00am Wednesday morning Word & Communion Services will be held at Sacred Heart Fillmore from now until St. Patrick's church renovation is complete in mid-September. At that time we will return to the Sacred Heart / St. Patrick rotation.

Check out the Aquin Little Angels Facebook page and learn more about why we need a new center.  Go to Facebook and search for "Aquin Little Angels Early Childhood Center".  Watch for our series of videos featuring some of the physical weaknesses of our current facility.  You can also learn about ways you can help or donate by phoning Jenny Recker at the center at 563-852-7020. 

Eucharistic Adoration Cancellations - If school is cancelled on a Wednesday or Friday, then adoration will be cancelled for that day.  Eucharistic Adoration is also cancelled if there is no morning Mass or Word & Communion, or if there is a funeral at St. Matthias on a Wednesday or a Friday.

School Delays and Cancellations
If there is a school delay or if school is cancelled, the morning Mass will still be held at St. Matthias.  If it is a Tuesday and there was an 8:30am school Mass, there will still be Mass and the time will remain at 8:30am.  People are urged to please use good judgment and stay home if the roads are questionable.                                                   When there is a school delay or cancellation on a Wednesday, the weekly Word & Communion at Fillmore or Garryowen will be cancelled.

Contrary to Popular Belief...

The Catholic Church does not reject or hate persons with same-sex attraction.  In fact, they are loved.  For confidential support in accord with Catholic teaching, contact Fr. Jerry Kopacek at 563-556-1054 or dbqspxsd@dbqarch.org

Faith Formation website

Please check out the Pastorate Faith Formation web site
This is another way you can receive communication about CCD, religious education and adult faith formation opportunities.  Nicole Casey is keeping it up to date on a regular basis.

Ushers Needed for Funerals

We are in need of people who would be available to usher at funerals in the pastorate churches. If you are interested please contact Jean Conrad or the Pastorate Office 852-3524.

Hearing Aid Users or those with Difficulty Hearing

Part of the restoration of St. Martin’s Church included installing a hearing loop system. The hearing loop provides for improved listening clarity for those with hearing aids or those with difficulty hearing. To make use of this technology, you need to work with your hearing aid provider to set the t-coil setting on your device. If you do not have hearing aids or if your hearing aids do not have the t-coil setting, you can purchase a personal receiver for use in the church. These are available at the pastorate office for $14.00.

Video links of the St. Martin Church Rededication Mass

Dedication Highlights


Weekly Mass on Local Access Channel 18

Our weekly Mass is broadcast on the local access channel 18.  Here is the regular broadcast schedule:
     Mondays at 8:00am
     Saturdays at 11:00am, 4:00pm, 5:00pm, 6:00pm
     Sundays at 7:00am, 8:00am, 4:00pm

Gluten-Free Hosts are available at all pastorate Masses. If you wish to have a gluten-free host consecrated please speak to the priest before Mass and be sure you receive Communion from the priest. At least until you become familiar to the priest, you may need to inform him before receiving that you are the person who requested the gluten free host.  Another option is to receive from the cup only, which still qualifies as receiving the Body and Blood of Christ.

Pastoral Care of the Sick: If you or someone in your family is or will be hospitalized and a visit from a priest is desired, please call the pastorate office to let us know the name of the person and where the person can be found. Sometimes the hospital will call to provide the names of parishioners and sometimes they do not. If the patient is admitted through the emergency room, the hospital does not call us. Sometimes the information from the hospital is a day or two old and by the time we receive the call and can stop by the person has been discharged.  In general, nursing homes do not call to let us know when a parishioner is admitted. Pastoral care of the sick is important, but such visits cannot be made if we don't know that parishioners are in the hospital.

Area Events:




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